PS Series Dry Pumps

Why choose the PS Series?

The PS series of dry screw pumps are designed for both harsh PS Series Vacuum Pumpsand clean processes. They are available in a wide range of speeds and alternative sizes to meet rough and fore vacuum requirements for many applications, markets and industries. Drytek offers a wider range of pumps to meet your individual speed requirements from 80 through to 1800 m3/hr. Additionally, the PS Series ultimate pressures equal or exceed the competition.


A few benefits the PS Series provides include:

  • Improved Cost of Ownership
  • Smaller, more efficient and reliable motors 2.98KW to 4.47KW
  • Lower cooling flows on a wide range of the PS series at 3L/m
  • Very low water temperature at 18oC
  • Maintenance free


The PS Series offers better overall performance and size standards while remaining highly competitive in terms of utilities and space requirements. There is a low ambient noise ratio while maintaining consistent pumping speeds at 50Hz to 60Hz.

Drytek's PS Series pumps offer the best value for money on the market. Drytek's new pumps offer more than 20% savings over competitive pricing and refurbished pumps offer more than 30% savings. In addition, Drytek offers extensive warranty coverage.


Ethernet connectivity is available on the PS Series allowing users to view many varied parameter. The software can support up to 255 pumps and can be managed either on-site or by remote control.



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